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Voting Yes won’t, but becoming Independent will.

Yes, it’s a shocking state of affairs, I have dear friends and family in England who I know will suffer immensely with a Yes win but something needs to happen, something as shocking as a Yes win to shake rest of the country, perhaps the world.

Wake up. End London rule. End BBC bias. Become the country that we have the potential to be.


Of course. For me, Scottish Independence is one more step further away from British inequality, corruption and dysfunctionality. I do not hate the English, I do not hate Westminster, I just feel this is an opportunity for 5 million people to break away from what we have come to accept as some twisted “normality” and become something worth living for, an example to the world.

I am voting YES with emotion- hope, pride and humanity.

Not NO through fear, shame and greed.

At the end of the day, it is simply an opinion, a number that will add to one side of the argument but will hopefully count as the starting point for a future of change.